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The parenting guide and methods have been evaluated and shown to reduce everyday child behaviour difficulties by 60% (Gill, 2000)

Here are what some parents have said:

May I add, that I am very impressed with the course and it has helped my child and myself in many ways

I have been doing the classes you provided online I am almost finished and they have proved to be very effective

The Time Out Week. Simply put, I had to try to not feel guilty when I instituted a time out. Prior to this course, a time out was more of a warning tool that was never enforced. I wasn't really aware of the ramifications, but I found that my children really didn't hate me or become scarred from the time outs. In fact, I believe they benefited from the structure

What was initially difficult was breaking my old habits. I actually had to think before I spoke, but I could clearly see a difference with my kids. It did test my patience at times with my son, but keeping the directions simple made a lot of difference

I know I rambled on, but I really enjoyed the past five weeks. The interaction with my children increased ten fold, and it was quality time. I will continue to utilize the skills gained here and monitor the progress. I would love to receive an achievement award. We would certainly be proud of it

Revenue raised from the above service will be used towards maintenance and development costs to further improve the public services to families.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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