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5 Ways To Look After Yourself Etc.

1.  Take A Stress Check
Make an agreement with a close friend to check your stress levels regularly. Agree to watch each other's children when you need a break.

2.  Say "Yes" To No
Give your children permission to say "no" to anyone who asks them to do something they know or feel is wrong. Teach them to say "no" firmly and loudly, then to go tell another adult.

3.  Private Time
Give your children a place to be alone and call their own. Respect their privacy, particularly their physical privacy.

4.  Teach Respect
Teach your children to respect the rights, bodies and properties of other people.

5.  Ask Yourself
Take an honest look in the mirror and ask yourself: Are you in constant battle with your kids? Do you find yourself wanting to hit your children? Do you think your children are "winding you up" to spite you? If so, talk with someone before these feelings get the better of you. Call a friend or relative and/or seek professional help from Social Services, the NSPCC or your GP. Help is available so use it! Positively you are showing that you care about the relationship with your child.

6 Ways To Improve Behaviour And Give Your Child Self-Confidence

1.  Show That You Care
Say "I love you" and "You're important and special to me." Praise talents. Don't use sarcasm or kidding to point out weaknesses. Be positive and encouraging. Reward good behaviour and have FUN- these POSITIVE parenting strategies are the most effective in teaching children to be well behaved! Never ignore good behaviour as there is then no incentive for your child to repeat it.

2.  A Hug A Day
Kids need to feel your affection through positive physical touch by hand holding, an arm around the shoulder or a simple hug.

3.  Quality Time Is Quantity Time
Caring and being close is about making time so do more with your child.  Spend more time doing things your child enjoys. Turn off the television.
Do activities as a family.

4.  Take Their Place
Put yourself in your child's place and ask:
"Is what I've said or done building my child up or putting my child down?"
"Is what I've said or done really for my needs or the needs of my child?"

5.  Go With Your Gut Feeling
If someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable, go with your gut feeling. Teach your children to trust their instincts too, by listening to them and respecting what they feel.

6.  Reward And Reward Again
Encourage good behaviour by rewarding it as soon as possible after it has occurred. Reward frequently and in small amounts. The most effective reward is your time and positive attention. Praise, smile and say why you are pleased. For very good behaviour use treats such as sweets and going to the park. To provide an incentive, a reward should be earned rather than just given.

The basic philosophy of these articles is that caring for children is one of the most responsible and difficult things you will ever do in your life - yet there is very little practical help and advice on how to do it.  In a small way it is hoped that the articles can begin to fill a massive gap. The information and parenting tips have been developed from material produced by the KidsPeace Corporation,
Bethlehem, PA 18015, USA.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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